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Surveillance Cameras

Protek offers many different camera options such as IP cameras, Power over Ethernet cameras, Analog cameras and also Wireless Cameras. All of our cameras gives its owner full access to a variety of functions for recording, play-back, resolution and schedules. 

Dome Cameras


Dome Cameras are small, compact cameras that offer great video image resolution. Benefits of Dome Cameras include descreet designs which make it hard to make out where the lens is pointing. They can be fully night-vision including IR for better night viewing and can be mounted indoors or out. Perfect for small businesses and residential customers who are looking for a little more protection.

Bullet Cameras


Bullet Cameras are cameras that have one viewing direction once mounted. We offer full indoor and outdoor Bullet Cameras with the option of controlled zoom. These cameras are to be used during full daylight and during night-time. Perfect for commercial purposes and perimiter surveillance.

PTZ Cameras


PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras are cameras that offer Pan, Tilt & Zoom options. A PTZ Camera will give you the full experience to viewing your security cameras. These cameras can be used during daylight and night with full night-vision and HDTV resolution. Perfect for commercial purposes and secure residential properties.

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